M. Andrijašević, L. Bouharaoua, L. Grahek, S. Perić, A. Z. Stolica, D. Šeparović, J. J. Žmak (HR): EMOTIONAL MAPPING OF &TD

20.9., 18:00 @ literary installations, opening, Student centre

Student Center is one of the main points for students living in Zagreb. By providing several different important services, from students’ restaurant through cultural activities to agency for part-time work, SC is an inevitable benchmark of students everyday life. As a part of the SC dedicated to culture, &TD Theatre is the central point of Zagreb theatrical landscape. From the iconic seventies to the present, &TD Theatre served as a shelter for “other” and different theatre poetics, was a place of the experiment, a space for authors at the beginning of their careers. Besides hosting numerous directors, dramaturges and performers on its stages, &TD auditoriums also raised generations of spectators. Over the years, some of them became active actors of Zagreb’s cultural scene.

By engaging six young authors, who came to Zagreb to study and spent part of their education in &TD, to write six site specific stories, this project wants to establish a connection between intimate relations that we all create with certain spaces, and their public disclosure. Dealing with their own or someone else’s experiences as spectators, chosen authors will create new narratives that will be placed in public spaces in &TD Theatre and around it rather than being published in a form of a book. Through this form of public intervention they will open a space for reflecting on the collective memory of &TD Theatre and map it from the usually neglected spectator’s perspective. This installations will also facilitate the manifestation of otherwise hidden knowledge and will exemplify multiple realities of the theatre audiences.



Marija Andrijašević was born in 1984 in Split. She graduated from comparative literature and ethnology and cultural anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities in Zagreb in 2015. For her book of poetry Davide, svašta su mi radili she was awarded with the Ivan Goran Kovačić award for the young poets in 2007. Her poetry was published in cultural and literary journals (Re, Quorum, Knjigomat, Poezija…), included in the contemporary poetry anthologies (I u nebo i u niks, Hrvatska mlada lirika…) as well as in Italian review of poetry from the Balkans Voci di donne della ex Jugoslavia, and was translated into Slovenian, Italian, Ukrainian, English, Swedish, Polish, Romanian and German. In 2018 she received the annual fellowship from the Croatian ministry of Culture for her unpublished novel Grad na vodi.

Luiza Bouharaoua is a translator and writer. She works for Skribounauti. Her short stories were published in The Split Mind, Fantom slobode, Kritična masi, Nemo and on the Third program of the Croatian Radio. Her work was included in the book Izvan koridora – najbolja kratka priča (VBZ, 2011) as well as in the anthology of Croatian young prose writings Bez vrata, bez kucanja (Sandorf, 2012). She was awarded with Ulaznica and Prozak awards.

Lana Grahek was born in 1989. in Zagreb. Currently lives and works in Zagreb as a freelance graphic designer. She graduated from visual communication at the Faculty of Design in Zagreb. A collaborator of Culture of Change and &TD Theatre form 2014.

 Sana Perić was born in 1980 in Split. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities in Zagreb. For her writing she received a reward on literary festival in the new media Galovićeva jesen. Her selected prose works were published in magazines Zarez, Libra Libera, Nepokoreni grad, Rad, Stvar and on the web site Muf. She works on producing film festivals and as a translator.

Ante Zlatko Stolica was born in 1985 in Split and grew up in Sućidar. He lives in Bistra and works in Zagreb. He writes and makes movies.

Darko Šeparović was born in 1987 in Vela Luka. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb. He was awarded with the Na vrh jezika award for his unpublished book of poetry in 2015, and with the Drago Gervais award for his unpublished novel in 2017. He is one of the author of the projects Tko čita? and Zaron. His book of poetry Autopilot was published in 2015. and his novel Krvotok will be published later this year. He is a licensed skipper.

Jasna Jasna Žmak was born in Pula. She lives in Zagreb. She works as a playwright, author, screenwriter and dramaturge. She graduated from Dramaturgy at The Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, where she currently works as an assistant. Her published work so far include her prose works (Moja ti), several short stories and critics.

Concept: Jasna Jasna Žmak in collaboration with Culture of Change/Ganz

Visual identity: Lana Grahek

Installation is realised within the project Ganz nova publika, funded by audience development program of Croatian Ministry of Culture. Part of apap- Performing Europe 2020 (audience development lab), co-funded by the Creative
Europe Programme of the European Union.