Mara Mattuschka / Chris Haring (AT): Perfect Garden

20. 9., 20:00 @ movie (80′), Kratke slike x apap 2020 @ MM centre

A lyrical, joyful marriage between mind and body, dramaturgy and choreography, the real and the fantastic. Men and women dance and desire uncontrollably at Perfect Garden, which rather than a bar is an Utopian institution where hedonism is more of a reality than an ideology. Perfect Garden is a hypnotic art film in which dancer and choreographer Chris Haring joins forces with filmmaker and performance artist Mara Mattuschka. Their hedonistic and utopian world filled with beautiful idiots is portrayed with inventive stylization: original camera angles, jerky or slomo images and distorted voices. Perfect Garden is a fabulously hypnotic film, with a David Lynch-like atmosphere, utopian and realistic all at once.

The screening is a part of Short Images, a project dedicated to experimental and independent cinema.

Mara Mattuschka is an award-winning filmmaker, actress and visual artist of Bulgarian origin. She studied ethnology, linguistics, painting and animation film in Vienna. Mattuschka´s extensive work has been shown at numerous exhibitions and international festivals. Her main interest is in film, painting and theater. She works and lives in Vienna.

Chris Haring is a dancer and choreographer. He the is founder and artistic director of the dance company Liquid Loft. Haring worked with international companies such as DV8 Physical Theatre, Nikolais/Luis Dance Cie, man act, Nigel Charnock, pilottanzt, Willi Dorner… One of the main influences for his performances, such as Fremdkörper, are science fiction films and the human body as a cybernetic landscape.

Part od Austrian Artists´ Focus. Funded by apap- Performing Europe 2020 project ( audience-development lab), co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.