Vedrana Klepica (HR): KJU – end – EJ

20.9. u 22:30, 21.9. u 21:30,
22.9. u 22:30, 23.9. u 23:00 @ Atrij &TD

In the context where audience development has become cultural politics’ priority, our objective is a critical
examination of the ‘expert and spectator’ hierarchy which is often implied within audience development,
and in doing so the audience is put in the position of ‘those that need to be educated’. Our goal is to break
free from the logic of that monologue and create space for reflection in an informal atmosphere by avoiding the
Q&A format and setting up a discursive format of exchange of impressions the audience and artist experienced.
Post-performance talks can be (and for many people they are) more than a process of remembering. They
become an integral part of our experiences. We want to live through something but we also want to explore and
expand the experience with the authors. The audience is the one playing the key role in examination of an artistic
work and cocreates artistic experiences with new concepts and meanings. Post-performance talks from the
field of reflection will expand toward talking about conditions of artistic production and presentation, sharing
experiences of cultural politics and practices in Croatia and abroad, and toward discussing general state
of culture in Croatia and specific state of cultural activity in Student Centre in Zagreb.