Visit the Last Ganz New Festival in the SC

Ganz New Festival, the International Festival of Developmental Theatre, will be held from September 20 to 23 in the Student Center. All events are free of charge.

Eighth, and the last, edition of Ganz New again joined artistic forces with the Dance_Inn Autumn Festival focused on the contemporary performing arts and live art, and is happily involved in the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the artistic organization Kik Melone.

39 artists from 9 countries (Austria, Croatia, Island, Japan, Canada, Germany and Slovenia) will tell their artistic stories throuhg 16 performances, 2 workshops, an installation, a projection and a two-day performing conference.

Ganz, twice nominated for one of the five best Croatian theatre festivals (nominations for the Audience Award in 2013 and 2015), will be held for the last time this year. At the end of July the restitution management of the SC relieve of duty the artistic director of Culture SC Natasa Rajkovic, the author of the program conception Culture of Change under which Ganz, together with numerous other projects, was born, designed and implemented. The visual identity of the eighth and the last edition of Ganz was designed by young designers Miran Bašić and Otto Kušec, better known as 2designers, in cooperation with the Culture of Change. The promo materials of Ganz speak seven languages, languages of the countries whose cultural institutions and foundations have been supporting Ganz New Festival for the last eight years. These countries, like Island for example, value and highly appreciate their culture, stated the artistic director of Ganz New Festival Silvija Stipanov.

The Festival opens its doors on Thursday September 20 with the program Emotional Mapping of the &TD by six young authors who had came to Zagreb to study and had spent part of their education in the &TD. They will present six site specific stories, or literary installations. This project aims to establish a connection between the intimate relations that we all make with certain spaces and their public presentations.

Dance_Inn Autumn 2018., mini pop up festival, will present the show Turning solo, a follow-up of the series of works in which the choreographer Isabelle Schad, using purely physical approach, creates portraits of the performers by moulding respective rhythms and energies into choreographed experiences. In this performance an initially minimalist study in movement becomes a shimmering jewel, a rotating sculpture, the choreographic portrait of a dancer Naïma Ferré.

Island artists Ásrún Magnúsdóttir invites you to a performance Listening party that deals with listening to music and listening to teenagers. The project is made in close collaboration with 30 teenagers living in Zagreb and is a unique opportunity to engage with an often misrepresented group and be taken back to what, for most of us, is a long gone era.

The call for the workshop and performances is still open for youngsters between 13 and 17, so feel free to contact us on

Registrations are still open for yet another Ganz educative program – the workshop Activating the Geopoetic by the Canadian-Icelandic artists Angela Rawlings. The author invites all artists and arts-lovers to a five-day investigation of geopoetic as an intersection for score composition, sound poetry, acoustic ecology, vocal/sonic improvisation, and conversations with/in sites. More info available on

The performance Goodbye by Michikazu Matsune is based on the farewell letters, written by various people for different reasons – featuring letters from Empress Maria Theresa to her daughter Marie Antoinette given on the day of her departure for France, from a blind man to his deceased guide-dog, from Kamikaze pilot to his children before his mission, singer Kurt Cobain’s suicide note, among many others. Combining reading and dancing, Goodbye tells stories of personal relationships, love and complication, read between the lines.

Ganz will host the praised and awarded piece Things Easily Forgotten, an intimate performance for the audience of 5. Spanish artist Xavier Bobés, like a magician or a medium at a séance, in an intimate, salon setting leads us on a travel through time, reminding us that the history is built up from everyday life and not only from big and important events.

 In the segment of Ganz program Staro dobro je uvijek ganz novo! dedicated to re-presenting the best performances you will be able to see the praized and awarded show Your Majesties by Marta Navaridas and Alex Deutinger, that had toured around the world. It is a staged President Barack Obama’s Nobel Lecture, held at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo. The two artists revive the President´s speech, update a piece of World History is and the techniques of political rhetoric are laid bare in a surprisingly clear and simple way. A fascinating dance about war, peace, and hope.

Swiss multifaceted artist Daniel Hellmann will present Traumboy, a show that questions the double standards of our capitalistic and hyper sexualized society. With this ambiguous self-staging the spectators are challenged to scrutinize their sexual ideals and to take a close look at the sexual being that they consider themselves. Are the boundaries in your mind where you expect them?


Theatre director and dramaturge Saša Božić wil present his work-in-progress Better Life that will premiered in October in the &TD Theatre. We will embark on a dystopia of the collectiveness. We want to speak out about the fragility of the performance in order to outline the void and create myths about bodies of the theatre and bodies of the TV spectacle, and deal with the passage of time. We want to expose the fiction we encounter in the unfulfilled fantasies about the so-called better life, explains the director.

Artistic collective Kik Melone is inviting you to a two-days performing conference on and around the theme of art work, communion and creative survival, marking the 10th anniversary of the collective. The event is organized by a group of authors: Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Umberto Lancia, Silvia Marchig, Josip Maršić, pavleheidler, Iva Nerina Sibila and Jasen Vodenica.

The third edition of the Kulturpunkt’s Kviz-o-rama will challenge you to think about media literacy and independent culture in this turbulent times. Register your teams (with names and number of participants) on Facebook or via email Kviz-o-rama is organized by Kurziv, the publisher on the website Kulturpunkt. Co-authors of the quiz are Vatroslav Miloš and Lana Pukanić.

Festival is a part of the project apap-Performing Europe 2020, co-funded by the European Unions’ program Creative Europe. It is realized with the support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the City of Zagreb, Austrian Cultural Forum in Zagreb, Dance on Tour Austria (project Tanzquartier Wien in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, integration and Foreign Affairs), Swiss Art Council – Pro Helvetia, and in cooperation with Dance_Inn Autumn 2018., Festival of the theatre troupe de facto, artistic organization Kik Melone, Kulturpunktom and the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb.